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Did you know?
Interesting facts about Miss Jackie...

Miss Jackie is the proud grandma of two grandchildren.

Miss Jackie had a band for many years which played for weddings, at country clubs, bar mitzvahs, etc. The band was called "Miss Jackie and Friends" and Miss Jackie was the piano player.

Miss Jackie LOVES cooking, cooking trips, cooking classes and collects cookbooks. Presently she has over 500 cookbooks in her collection of 20 years! Her cookbooks are from all around the world and her favorite cuisine is Mediterranean. Her cooking trips have taken her to southern France, Paris, New York, Toronto, Singapore, Bali, and lots of locales within the USA.

As a child, Miss Jackie wanted to be a concert pianist and worked very hard for many years toward that goal - she never had to be reminded to practice!

In addition to her music and writing, Miss Jackie is an avid reader of both fiction and non-fiction.

Miss Jackie and Sebastian

Jackie Silberg
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