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Special Events and Information with Jackie Silberg

There's never a dull moment with Miss Jackie. Here are some recent events we'd like to share with our readers:

Who else performs Miss Jackie's music?
There are many other fine musicians performing Jackie Silberg's tunes for children ... read more.

A Day of Sunshine at the Loose Mansion:
Tea and Workshop for "The Learning Power of Laughter", CD Release Party for "Touched by a Song"... read more

Trip to Singapore:
Jackie Silberg traveled to Singapore in December 2006, to conduct a few of her wonderful workshops... read more

jackie silberg and friends
Dr. Lillian Katz, Miss Jackie Silberg, Dr. Ed Zigler
Old friends sharing a fun moment at the National Headstart Meeting in April, 2011.

Ella Jenkins and Jackie Silberg
Jackie Silberg with her mentor, Ella Jenkins


Miss Jackie at the Mooncake Festival


To the Chinese, the round shape of mooncakes symbolizes family unity. Read more about Jackie Silberg's trip to Singapore during the Mooncake Festival...

Miss Jackie Travels to Bali...

basket weaver in Bali Bali marketplace
Bali breakfast

I took a short trip to Bali from Singapore. I had the good fortune of taking a cooking class from a Swiss chef who has a restaurant there. Here are some pics that show the Bali marketplace -- people shop everyday for their dinner. Can you find me in my cooking class?

... Jackie Silberg

Bali cooking class chickens at the market

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